NFT - Non Fungible Token

What are?

NFT is the acronym for Non Fungible Token, which means “non-copyable token” in a slavish translation, but in summary it means “something unique that cannot be replaced by anything else”. An NFT is digital content that represents real-world objects such as works of art, music, games and collections of any kind. Anyone who buys a work in this way does not buy the work itself, but the possibility of demonstrating a right to the work itself, which is guaranteed by a smart contract. These are contracts in digital format that, with an advanced security system, avoid the modifiability of the contents of the agreement, for one of the contracting parties, automating both the verification and the execution of the contract itself, perfectly identifying the work in question and the its characteristics, uniquely. This is possible thanks to a script, which exploits the blockchain model, to make the invested amount verifiable and transparent, thus also guaranteeing the spread of the platform, since the guarantee placed as evidence of the mechanism is given by the security of the transactions.

Why choose the NFT world?

NFTs include all the advantages of the blockchain, namely disintermediation, immutability of the digital contract, verifiability and traceability of contents, movements and transfers. Another big plus is the possibility of earning not only from the first sale of the work, but also from the sales of each subsequent level: in practice, every time the NFT of your creation is resold to third parties, you are paid for the your rights, at high altitude. All thanks to the fact that on the blockchain every transfer of ownership is traceable. This guarantees a constant and unlimited revenue stream over time. Last, not negligible, is the objective increase in value, if the purchase is made in crypto currency, which based on the fluctuations, we know how much profit margin can create for both the buyer and the seller.

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