Gloomy Stroke

Luca Cascone, alias Gloomy Stroke, is an Italian artist born in Varese. He works as a Graphic designer and he’s a digital artist for passion. He spent his whole life working on visual design and in the vector art world. Gloomy Stroke’s great care to details is conceived to astonish and arouse emotions through the eyes of the beholder. Details that, in fact, are everything for the artist. Gloomy Stroke means “sharp line” and everywhere in his works a sharpened blade is, indeed, piercing the sheet. All in all darkness has its own light. Over the years, the new digital art-forms and their true potentials are pushed to their boundaries by being continuously experimented and studied by Gloomy Stroke, creator of the Madness® streetwear brand too. Besides exposing his artworks on public events, he attends international sector fairs including “east market” and “fuorisalone” in Milan.


Dark Ladies
In Gloomy Stroke’s Dark Ladies collection feminine icons are represented as superior entities looking for retaliation on earth, in a never ending challenge to evil, pain and scars deriving from an obscure past. Despite His dark ladies have been mangled by life, they now react with a fierce and serene glitter, only belonging to those who won.

Artwork collection by Gloomy Stroke in which different subjects are represented with the unique aim to deliver a message: Darkness can glow more than light.
Coming directly from the artist’s imagination, animals, skulls and human characters are linked to the “street dark” world.

Easy and straight set of artworks. Just as fast as an hand reaching up to gently touch one’s own scar and instantly evoking what caused it.