Alice Tamburini

He graduated from the State Institute of Art in Forlì, graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. At the age of 5, he decided to bring his drawings to the Cesena painter Maria Pasini Morigi, asking her if he could exhibit them along with his own in a solo exhibition the artist was having in Badia Prataglia. The following day Maria Pasini Morigi tells her that her drawings were the most appreciated; from that moment Alice Tamburini decides to become a painter. Her first exhibition takes place in Forlì in 1990 in the XC Pacifici room; in the meantime, Alice finds a workshop in the beautiful old tobacco drying kiln in Gambettola that will remain her studio for 20 years. At the Academy of Fine Arts, she meets the one she considers her master: Enrico Lombardi and together with him, she exhibits in prestigious art festivals. In 1995 she won the 3rd prize Biennale d’Arte Romagnola at Palazzo del Ridotto, Municipal Art Gallery of Cesena . In 1999 she was awarded by the city of Cesena as a young painter from Cesena. From 2002 to 2010 her activity slows down because she becomes a mother of 3 children. Since 2013 she resumes her activity as an artist and exhibits in various galleries. Her artistic research becomes more and more active, several collaborations over time, with galleries in Florence: Spazio d’Arte and Galleria Merlino, Ferrara: Palazzo Scroffa and Venice, Art Studio. Some of his works participate in various Art Fairs in the USA (2018 NYC The Armony Show, 2018 L.A. Art Los Angeles Contemporary, 2017 NEW MEXICO Art Santa Fè, 2017 COLORADO Art Aspen, 2017 WASHINGTON Seattle Art Fair 2017 CHICAGO Art Expo Chicago). In the summer of 2018 she began a journey of Body Painting research and performance with her daughter, between Italy and France. In October/November of the same year she participates in Paratissima, in the collective exhibition Base Milano and at Caserma La Marmora in Turin, section I.C.S , with a room dedicated to her. In February 2019 for Arte Fiera, she presents a solo show: “Autotomy” at Off in Bologna and in the same month, at Teatro Rossini in Lugo, she is part of a theatrical action with body painting performance. In March 2019, a solo show of his work takes place in Forlì at the Art Gallery and the local Banco.
I graduated from the Art Institute of Forli and subsequently received a degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.When I was 5 years old, I decided to bring my drawings to the Cesena-born painter, Maria Pasini Morigi, and asked her to display them along with her work at an exhibition she was holding in Badia Prataglia. The following day she informed me my drawings were the most appreciated. There and then, I decided to become an artist. My first exhibition took place in 1990 at the ‘Sala XC Pacifici’ in Forli.

Around the same time, I found a workshop in an old tobacco barn in Gambettola, which would then become my workshop for the next 20 years. At the Academy of Fine Arts, I met the person whom I consider to be my mentor and teacher, Enrico Lombardi, and along with him, I exhibited my work at several important art fairs. In 1995, I won 3rd prize in the Romagna Biennial Art Competition at the Palazzo del Ridotto. In 1999 the city of Cesena recognizes me as a young Cesenate’ artist. From 2002 to 2010 I put my career on hold to become a mother to three children. In 2013 I resumed my activities as an artist and I exhibit my work in various galleries. My artistic research becomes ever more active and I’m currently collaborating with two galleries in Florence and one in Ferrara, as well as having some of my pieces presented at various Art Fairs in the USA. In Nov 2018 I exibit in Torino at Paratissima I.C.S. section.

1990, solo exhibition, “Caleidoscopio,” Forlì
1991, art review, Sala XC Pacifici, Forlì
1992, art review, “Presences,” Hall of the Municipality of Gambettola (FC).
1992, art exhibition, “Arte viva,” Rocca di Senigallia (AN)
1993, solo exhibition, “Forlì Arte,” Palazzo Albertini, Forlì
1993, art review, Sala XC Pacifici, Forlì
1993, collaborates with the Compagnia del Serafino Teatro d’Ombra
1994, art exhibition, Castello di Bazzano (BO)
1994, solo exhibition, Castello di Sorrivoli (FC)
1994, review of artists for Video Music
1994, art exhibition “The Difference,” Chiesina dell’Ospedale di Meldola (FC)
1995, personal exhibition, Municipal Hall of Faenza (RA)
1995, “Romagna art biennial”, winner of the 3rd prize, Palazzo del Ridotto, Cesena (FC)
1998, solo exhibition, “Ultima generazione,” artists of the end of the millennium, Cesena (FC)
1999, solo exhibition, Stella di Pegaso, Rimini
1999, “Kaleidos” painting award, Palazzo Ghini, Cesena FC)
2000, “Arteria,” Colonia Veronese, Cesenatico (RA)
2001, art review, “Istinto collettivo”, L. da Vinci Gallery, Cesenatico (RA)
2001, art review, Palazzo del Ridotto, Cesena (FC
2003, personal exhibition, Endas, Cesena (FC
2004, solo exhibition, Galleria ex Pescheria, Cesena (FC)
2007, collaborates with the art and literature magazine “Graphie”
2008, solo exhibition, Galleria Il Vicolo, Cesena (FC)
2013, solo exhibition, Galleria ex Pescheria, Cesena (FC)
2014, solo exhibition,, “Ortica”, Bologna
2014, art review, “Crocevia”, Sorrivoli Castle (FC)
2016, solo exhibition, Darsena, Cervia (RA)
2017 Solo show “Sguardo periferico” Palazzo del Capitano – Bagno di Romagna
2017 Art show “Art Santa Fe” New Mexico (USA)
2017 Art show “Art Aspen” Colorado (USA)
2017 Art show “Seattle Art Fair” Washington (USA)
2017 Art show “Art Expo Chicago” Chicago, Illinois (USA)
2017 Art show “Art San Diego” San Diego,California (USA)
2017 Art show “Texas Contemporary Art” Texas (USA)
2017 Art show “SOFA” Chicago, Illinois (USA)
2017 Art Expò Chicago – Illinois USA
2017 Art review “In obstinate and contrary direction” Simultanea – Art Space – Florence
2017 Art Review ” infi nite silence” Art Studio – Venice
2017 Review of art ” Pensiero infi nito” Spazio porpora – Milan
2017 Review of art ” Origin” Art Studio Venice
2017 Art Review ” Art and Color” Merlino Gallery, Florence
2017 Art Review, International Art Merlino Gallery, Florence
2017 Art Review Mentana Gallery, Florence
2018 The Armory Show New York (USA)
2018 Art Los Angeles Contemporary L.A. California (USA)
2018 Alice Tamburini solo show Paratissima TORINO Italy
2019 Solo show “Forms of the unexpected” Art Gallery – Forli’
2019 Performance Ada, stage action with Roberto di Camillo painting body and Sebastiano Severi cello
2019 Lugo theater performance Paio’z
2019 Solo exhibition “Autotomy” – OFF Bologna
2019 Solo show “Origins of the visible” – Image Gallery, Rimini
2019 Performance “Origini del visibile,” stage action with Roberto di Camillo and Sebastiano Severi – Image Gallery, Rimini
2019 Art Review- Art Gallery, Forli’